Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hello everyone.

I've been MIA for a few months and I've missed my blog time. We've had some exciting news on the home front. My twin sister has been on the heart transplant list for a number of years now, and at the end of July her condition got much worse. The transplant team at Mayo Clinic here in Minnesota moved her into "active" status on the list and they feel she will have a new heart by Thanksgiving! We are all excited about this new step in the journey with the exception of my sister. As you can imaging, there are a lots of emotions someone has to go through with this process.

I'm hopeful that everything will work out, and I'm also remembering that I have to take time for me as well. Our extended family has been wonderful in taking turns driving her to appointments at staying with her in the hospital when needed so that the burden doesn't fall completely on my shoulders. My wonderful husband is also being amazing. He hasn't been working since February, so he's taking the role I would normally have in attending appointments, etc., which has also been very helpful.

Through this whole adventure over the last few months, I've learned that God's timing is truly perfect, and He has a plan for everything. I was completely humbled and overwhelmed by the response to this situation from family and friends. God is good!

I hope to be back on track with my blogging now that sissy is more stable, but I know you'll all understand if you don't see from me at times. I will also make a commitment to try and blog a minimum of once a week. I will also keep you updated on my sister through the blog for those of you that are interested.


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