Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Greeting Cards and etsy Card Listings

Hello All!  It's certainly been a while since I've posted. 
As some of you know, we had quite a few of my husband's family staying with us since February, and that meant that my time in my scrap/craft room was limited since someone was also using it as a bedroom! 
I'm happy to say that my hubby's family has gotten on their feet and gotten a place of their own with their brand new beautiful baby! 
I've been able to get my craft room organized a bit and was able to take some photos of cards to post while I get my creative juices flowing again.  Here are the cards.  All of them can be found listed in my Etsy store.

I'll be busy in my room over the next few days and weeks, so I'm hoping to get back into my blogggig routine. 



  1. I hope you enjoy having your room back! Your cards are lovely! The sympathy one is especially striking.

  2. Beautiful cards! I especially love the purple one.