Monday, August 29, 2011

Personal Update: Wedding Shower and 2011 PKD Walk

No card this morning.  I wanted to update you on the wedding shower I hosted for my sister on Saturday, and give a huge call out to my friends that helped me in the planning!  Thank you to NORMA for helping me make the thank you cards I gave as a gift, in addition to making some of the best door prizes ever!  Handmade necklaces, as well as beautiful applique hangers.  Thank you to TARA for bringing fresh salad and veges from her garden as well as for helping execute the shower!  Thank you to KATHY for helping wrap the gifts and keeping things on track!  You all helped me make the shower special for my sister and her guests seemed to have a really good time!  We're a month away from the wedding!  I can't believe the time is going so quickly!

Onto my second subject this morning.  The 2011 PKD Walk.  PKD is Poly cystic Kidney Disease.  It's a disease that has impacted my family back to my great-grandmother.  My mom had two kidney transplants before she passed away in 1999, and she struggled with complications of the disease from the time I was in grade school.  My whole family has been impacted, two of my mom's siblings have also had transplants, and only one of the five didn't have the disease.  most of my cousins also have PKD, and one cousin had a brain aneurysm rupture that can be attributed to it.  I have another aunt awaiting surgery for a brain aneurysm also because of this disease.  So in memory of my mom, and in support of the rest of my family still battling this disease, I'm walking in the PKD walk  next month.  To learn more and see my donation page, you can go to the link here.

I'll work on cards tonight and hopefully have new stuff for you tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by!

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