Saturday, September 17, 2011

Butterfly Punch Pansy Tutorial

I hinted earlier about what my post later today was going to be.  I've watched a ton of tutorials on this process, but I didn't have the right reinkers or the aqua pen as needed per the tutorials I watched, so I improvised.

The supplies I used for this project are:
  • 3 butterfly punches per completed pansy (in Whisper White)
  • Water spritz bottle
  • Cotton Swabs (instead of Aqua Painter)
  • Elegant Eggplant and Daffodil Delight stamp pads
  • Yellow brads
  • Punch or paper piercer
  • Heat gun (optional)

 I laid out all my punches on a paper towel.
 Then I spritzed them with water.  Not so they were dripping, but damp.
 Start by pushing the center of the butterfly into the yellow with the pad of your finger or with the cotton swap.
 Dip the cotton swab into water and then brush over the yellow to let it bleed into the paper. (Key is that you want a large area of yellow to start with as it will become hidden once you add the purple).
 Here is the punch after brushing with water.
 Here is the whole set of them after I was done with the yellow.
Now move onto the purple with the outer edges of the butterflies. If needed, re-spritz with water to keep them damp.
 Here are the punches after the purple was applied.
 Either wait for the punches to dry naturally or if you're like me, heat them until all dry.  Then lay three butterflies on top of each other and punch in the center to place brad.
 Here is a side angle of punching.
 Set brad in center and then turn butterflies to form flower petals.
 An now you have unique handmade flowers for your projects.
Here are the completed three pansies.  I'll show you the project I use them on tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


  1. Nothing beats the beauty of a pansy! They are my favorite flower. Thanks for the easy to understand tutorial. I will give these a whirl!

  2. Really cool technique and great tutorial!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this technique. I am definitely going to give it a try. Your pansies are so pretty

  4. What a wonderful tutorial. I have bookmarked this to give it a go.