Saturday, January 17, 2009

Refelction Image Stamping Technique

Hello everyone. Here are a few recent cards I made using this technique. The first one I made with wet craft ink stamped onto a glossy cardstock and transferred the image that way. The second one I used a new technique which was really slick! Here are the cards, and look below for the instructions. HAPPY STAMPING!

Ok. Now you try it! I'd love for you to send me some of your creations with this technique. Send me a pic and I'll post it for others to view.


  • Desired Stamp
  • Piece of Cardstock large enough to accommodate 2 images of selected stamp
  • Ink pad
  • Ziploc baggie (large enough to accommodate 1 image of selected stamp)


  1. Stamp image onto upper section of cardstock (ensure that you are leaving enough room to stamp the image a second time)
  2. Stamp the same image onto the Ziploc bag (I usually make sure the bag is closed so it’s a little sturdier—the freezer bags work really well).
  3. Make sure you hold the bag securely so that it doesn’t slip as you stamp—you may consider taping it to your work surface with masking tape.
  4. Turn the bag upside down to line the image you just stamped onto the baggie underneath your cardstock image
  5. Press the image onto your cardstock being careful not to slide the bag over the paper.
  6. Remove bag and viola, reflection image!

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