Friday, August 28, 2009

Thrift Thursday---Recycle

Sorry all, I'm a day late getting this posted. I've been feeling a little under the weather this week and work has been insane, so I've not had time to play as I'd like to in my room. This week our Thrify Thursday (okay Friday) will be about how to scrap what you may have around the house without realizing it... I've shared with you how to make albums from lunch bags, but we stop there? Lets think differently...I'm not sure about all of you, but I'm constantly looking for new things to scrap. I LOVE chipboard and you can find it sooooooooooooooooo many places. I've used envelopes to create a pocket hold for stationery. I'm working on a project (ok I have been since January) that uses 6x9" envelopes to create a monthly card sorter. On the front side is the month and the back side is lined paper for you to keep track of who to send a card to for what reason that month...March 3 anniversary, April 27 Birthday, etc... I'll show you when mine is completed. I want to have it finished this weekend. I got hung up no August. See how easily distracted I am?? Where was I? Yes, what other things around the house can you scrap? How about coffee can? Make season centerpieces from them that hold napkins, silverware, flowers...

My friend Kristi over at made a mini album out of paper towel/toilet paper rolls. How cute? Here is Kristi's. Click the link below the picture to get to her blog and find out more!

The possibilties are endless!

  • coffee filters

  • coffee can

  • envelopes

  • paper bags

  • chipboard

  • toilet paper/paper towel rolls

  • canning jars (decorate the tops and use to sort your embellishments)

  • shoe boxes (make ribbon holders)

I'll post come photos of my envelope card organizer when I'm finished with it as well as whatever else I'm able to come up with over the weekend. Please send me your ideas for thinking outside the box and reduce, reuses, recycle in your scrapping!

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