Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thrifty Thursday--Distress for Less

Today I'm going to share a tip that I use to try and save money in my paper crafting addiction. I try not to buy specialized items that are only for one purpose, but I love the looks of some of the products and tools so I try to balance getting the look without spending the money. I'm going to share a Thrifty tip with you and I hope that you'll do the same! I love to make my dollar stretch so please share your money saving tips here too.

I love the look of distressing, but I don't want to buy more specialized products for one technique...My solution? Use what I have in unique ways. I have MANY pairs of scissors, and they each get used for something else: I have one pair for ribbon, one for paper, one for adhesive, and one for paper distressing. The one I use for paper distressing is a fairly small pair, the whole scissors is about 6 inches long and the blades are about 3 inches long. I open the scissors completely and hold the paper tight in my left hand while I scrape the scissors along the paper with my right hand. This gives a wonderfully distressed look. Rather than buying expensive distressing inks, I usually use brown chalk. The key to chalk is to seal it so that it doesn't smear and wipe off. I use a VERY LIGHT layer of hair spray to set the chalks. Here is a sample of both techniques on a card I made quite a few months ago.


  1. That is a beautiful card! Thanks for the thrifty tip too, I was just wondering about something for sealing chalk with the other day!

  2. Thanks Jess! Hopefully you'll find lots more tips and soon we'll have one of our own tip sections on a new SMIC blog! TTYL