Monday, May 9, 2011

Personal Update

Many of you have followed the journey that my sister and my family have had while we waited for and received the amazing gift of a new heart for her.  She received her new heart on 10/25/2010 and our lives have been completely altered.  She's living life with a zest I've never seen in her before, and she's happy.  She doesn't have to wait in fear anymore.  She has a wonderful gift that enables her to truly live and enjoy life.

Today I met the donor family for the first time, and I wish it had been under different circumstances.  God's plan for our lives often takes roads we don't understand, but having been raised by amazing parents, I believe that He has a plan for everything and He can bring good from bad.  I met this amazing family at the sentencing of the young man who took the life of their loved one.  I can't fathom the grief they have experienced for the last 6 months, but one thing that I'm sure of is that God was with them today.  They had the strength to stand before the judge and the young man responsible for their loss and express their feelings. 

I can't find the words to describe my sympathy for them.  Had they not experienced this incredible loss, my sister wouldn't still be here today.  They were able to look beyond their grief to give the gift of life to another.  My sister was able to walk the 5K Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure yesterday, and had she not received the gift of a new heart, I don't believe she would have been able to do that.  I will forever be grateful for their gift of life.

I pray for healing for our donor family and their friends.  I also pray for the young man who will have to live with the mistake he made that ended a precious life. It was extremely emotional to listen to the stories of the people impacted by one poor decision.  I pray that the family can eventually forgive this young man and find true peace in knowing that they precious loved one has continued giving even in her death.  She is now enjoying the rewards of heaven and her beauty continues to grow.

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