Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wedding Invitation Mock-Up

Yesterday I told you I'd share the mock-up invitations for my sister's wedding.  Remember, these are mock-ups and the final product will be MUCH better :0)

The colors are Black, Iris, and Ivory.  The scribble you see in this photo will actually be the bride and groom names and will be layered ivory, iris, and black.  The "belly band" is the iris color which is showing up much brighter in this photo (I lost my natural lighting--I was up WAY too late)

The black piece opens up--the seam is hidden behind the belly band.

 Once fully open you'll see the initial invite with the reception and RSVP cards behind them.
It's kind of hard to see and the layers are about 1/8" different, but there is a backing of black, then iris, and then the ivory which will obviously have their wording.  The finishing touches are the black ribbon and a strip of petite pearls.

We have a ton of work cut out for us this weekend, but I can't wait for my sister to see the first "complete" invitation!

Thanks for stopping by today, and HAPPY CRAFTING!

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