Thursday, June 9, 2011

Greeting Card Organizer

Almost a year ago, I shared with you just a few photos of my handmade card organizer.  I never got you more photos, or got it listed to sell (oops!), so...time to fix that.  I got the photos taken and I got the organizer listed over at my Etsy Store.  Here is the link directly to the organizer, and here is the link to my store.  Most of what I make and share with you on my blog goes into my store for sale.

OK.  Here are the photos:

I really liked the final outcome and I spent a lot of hours on this organizer.  My goal was to stamp, and have focal points other than pattern papers.  I think I accomplished that.  I used chipboard for the front and back covers, and I used a lot of different brands of items for this project, and I am looking forward to making another one this summer to match a 2012 calendar that I'm working on.

Be sure to check back for those posts!