Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Personal Update: Heart Transplant

I decided to make a second post today.  This post is an update on my sister, and her journey after having her heart transplant in October 2010.  This month marks the 8 month anniversary of receiving the gift of life.  She is doing amazing and is able to participate in life like she wasn't able to before the transplant. 

As I shared with you earlier this month, she was able to participate in the American Heart Association Heart Walk this year.  It's is a 5K walk and is the second that Jen has been able to participate in since her transplant.  She wasn't able to walk more than a few feet without being short of breath, or needing to sit down to rest.  Those are events of the past!

Jen on left, her beautiful donor on right.

For the Heart Walk, Jen captained our team, Gift of Life.  As a group we raised $1595.00!  Jen walked for transplant donors and recipients, and the sister and brother-in-law of Jen's donor also walked with our group.  It was very special for us to have them participate in the event with us. 

It was a tragedy for them that brought them into our lives, and we grieve for their loss, but are so grateful and humbled for their gift.  I pray for their continued healing, and praise God for the progress and physical strength that my sister has been blessed with.

Thanks for sharing part of this journey with us.

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  1. What a beautiful and amazing story, I too grieve for the family and applaud them for their bravery and generosity!