Saturday, July 10, 2010

Show Me Saturday--Flap Card Tutorial

Today's post is a really simple tutorial for this flap card. This is just a really simple sample, and you can make these in any size, or style and you can obviously make them more elaborate than this sample. I made this one this morning in about 10 minutes (including snapping the photos).

  • Cardstock 4 x 12" (to make a larger card, increase the width of your cardstock)
  • pattern paper--2 pieces 3 3/4" square
  • stamp set desired
  • button or other closure (larger brads work great)
  • bone folder
  • circle template
  • embellishments desired
  • glue dots & other adhesives


  • Score your cardstock on the 12" side at 4 and 8 " and fold for crisp lines
  • Use a circle to form the shape of your flap. (I used the bottom of my chalk container)

  • Cut the rounded edge of your paper (this will be the front of your card)
  • Using the same circle template, cut your pattern paper for the flap and adhere both pieces of patter paper to the front of your card. As well as the inside center panel.
  • Next, using a glue dot, place the button on the front so that the flap can slip under it but do not place the button on top of the flap so that it seals.
  • Decorate the front of the card as desired
  • And there you have it!

Like I said, this is a very simple card, but sometimes that's what we need. Thanks for stopping by, and please share with me what your flap cards look like.

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