Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well, I got all my scrap/stamping supplies unpacked and the room is ready to go! I will take pictures tonight and either post tonight or tomorrow depending on when our internet connection is stable (This is another story all by itself!).

While unpacking, I realized that I have way TOO much! I know, you are all shocked by that! My husband's response to that realization was "Duh". We had a good laugh!

In order to ensure that I use teh stamps and supplies that I have I'll be weeding through everything and creating my first ever BLOG CANDY! I'll include paper, stamps, embellishments, and more! Everything except the stamps will be brand new. Some of the stamps may be as well, but most of them will be previously loved. I'll be certain to start another post with the title BLOG CANDY. I have to figure out how to link to the random number generator and figure that all out as well as how much shipping will cost. So stay tuned for more information and fun candy!

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