Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thrifty Thursday--Handmade Embellishments

Sorry for being late with the post today. I wasn't feeling well so I cam home early from my paying job and took a nap. So, here it today's finished product and the tips to help you be a thrifty paper crafter.

One of the things that I do to help save money in my paper crafting is making my own of some things. For example, flowers, mock-brads, or even buttons. In some of my recent work that I've shared with you, I've used this money-saving techniques. I made the two blue flowers from punches and a brad. Below are step by steps for the flowers as well as a button, and the final project that I used them on.
This card has a handmade button and flower. By using scraps of paper you can create the perfect touches of coordinating embellishments.
We'll start with the quick button.

You'll need (4) 3/4" circles in the scrap cardstock for the thickness of the button. You'll need a 5th cut from the same cardstock for a template to punch the holes. You'll need (1) 3/4" circle of the pattern paper or whatever you want the top layer to be.

You'll place glue on four of the layers leaving the top layer of your button without adhesive. Take the fifth carstock circle and fold it in half to form a "x" through the center for hole placement.
Once all your layers are adhered, place your template on the top and pierce two holes.

Here is a side view of the button.

Here is the final button finished with hemp twine tied in a knot.
Now onto the pink flower.

I used the following supplies:
large flower and 5-petal punches from Stampin Up!, a pearl brad for the center, scrap paper for the petals and the leaves.

Punch three of the large flowers and 1 of the 5-petal flowers for the leaves.

Crumple up the three flowers

Open the flowers and arrange the layers as you'd like.

Pierce the center of the layered flowers.

Cut a section of two petals for the first set of leaves.

Then cut the "extra" petal to make another set of two leaves

Place adhesive only on the very bottom of your leaves sections

Place the glued leaves as you desire onto the back of your flower.

Repeat with the second set of leaves

Here is your finished flower.

And here is a final look at the finsihed card with two thrifty embellishments that coordiante perfectly!
Thanks for stopping!

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