Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheap rrrr a Thrifty Thursday Scrabooking Tips--Cheap Dimensionals/Pop Dots

I love a lot of dimension in my paper crafting, so I use a TON of pop-dots and dimensionals to obtain the look I want since they come in so many different thinknesses and shapes.

One way that I can save money and get just the right size "pop-dot" that I'm looking for is to use the left over foam from my stamps. I alreay know that one side has a super strong adhesive on it so half the work is already done.
I peel the rubber off the left over foam.
Cut to desired size and peel the backing off
Place as desired.
Apply extra adhesive
not much is needed as it already has some "stick" since the rubber was stuck to it
and viola! cheap, customized pop dot.

Tip, if I'm looking for the thickness of the Stampin Up dimentionals since they are thinner that most of the other pop-dots, I just press on the item I've pop dotted until I get the thickness desired.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any tips you use, please share them with me via a comment!

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