Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thrifty Scrapbooking Thursday: Organization

Today's thrift paper crafting tip is focused on organizing your supplies. I'm a person who needs to see my supplies to use them. If I have to look in drawers or even on a rack, I tend to forget I have things. One way that I keep my embellishments within arms reach and within my line of sight, it so organize them in my old Tupperware. The photos below show you a spice carousel that I never used for spices because the containers to too big for the amount of spices that I had. I repurposed the spice carousel for my embellishments. You can see that I used my label maker to have a quick look at what canister I need. I can see through the containers which also helps.

I put my most used items in these containers and then I spin the carousel around until I find the container I need. I also place items that I use pretty regularly on top of the carousel so they are also in my line of sight and easy to access.
This photo shows some of the other Tupperware that I re purposed that is on top of the carousel.

I repurposed lots of plastic shoe boxes, and a shoe cubby for my craft supplies as well. Get creative. You probably have a ton of items in your kitchen and around the house that can be used for helping you organize your supplies...that was you can keep you crafting budget for more supplies instead of storage for them! :0)

Thanks for stopping by, and happy crafting!

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