Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tutorial: Stamping with Bleach

Thanks for stopping by. With today's project, I'll be showing you how to stamp using bleach. Below is the card that I made in this tutorial. I wanted to use the Always Artichoke as the color that image was stamped on, but I didn't want to use Versamark or white for ink. In this case, I used bleach to remove some of the color from the paper.

Here are my supplies:

* folded paper towel with two capfuls of bleach poured onto it (you want this wet, not sopping)

*folded paper towel with water on it for cleaning the stamp

*desired stamp

*colored cardstock

Start by pressing your stamp into the paper towel with the bleach and use it like an ink pad.

Stamp onto your cardstock.

And here is your bleached image. Make sure to repeatedly stamp onto the paper towel with water to ensure that you remove all the bleach from your stamp. Here is another look at the final product.

Thanks for stopping and happy stamping!

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