Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tutorial: A2 Box Used in 6-Pack Sets

As I shared in earlier posts (A2 Box 6 Pack # 1 and A2 Box 6-Pack # 2) I'm making gifts for three of the ladies at my paying job for Administrative Professional's Day next week.  They are each getting a 6-pack of cards in their own box.  I've been getting requests for instructions for the box, so I thought I'd share the tutorial with you all today.

Here is a look at the third and final box.  I'll finish the cards for the box later this week.  Now we'll go through the steps to making this cute box.

 First gather your supplies.
  1. cutter with scoring blade
  2. cardstock A for bottom of box measuring 6x12"
  3. cardstock B for top of box measuring 6x6"   (tip, this can me the same or a coordinating color to A)
  4. Sticky Strip or strong adhesive
  5. ribbon, acessories, and embellishments desired
  6. Pattern paper A for the bottom of the box--2 pieces measuring 5 1/4x 4 1/4 and 2 pieces measuring 5 1/4 x 3/4"
  7. Pattern paper B for the top of the box--2 pieces measuring 2 1/4x 4 1/4" and 2 pieces measuring 2 1/4 x 3/4" (again, this can be the same or coordinating to pattern A--I typically use papers that will be used on the cards that will go inside the box.

Steps 1&2 

 Now the instructions (See Image A for template):
  1. starting the the bottom of your box (6x12 piece) score on the 12 inch side at 5 1/2" from each side (Score one side then flip the paper over and score the other side--you'll have parrallel lines)
  2. on the short side of the piece, score at 3/4" from each side (score one side then flip over the paper and score the other side)

Steps 3 & 4

 3.  On the lid piece, score at 2 1/2" on two parrallel sides (Score one side then flip the paper over and score the other side)
4.  On the opposite two side, score at 3/4"

Step 5

5.  Now you will cut the two center tabs to the scoreline on both the top and bottom pieces of the box

Step 5

6.  Apply your front and back patter paper (Hint, the bottom of each piece
should be closest to the inch strip as shown in photo below). 

 7.  Apply sticky strip as shown in photo to left

Step 8

8.  Assemble box being sure to put the tabs to the inside of the box prior to securing sides.

 Step 9:  Adhere side panel pattern papers to bottom and top portions of box and adhere ribbon and embellishments as desired
Here is one final look at my finished box.  I hope you have fun with this!  Please share your creations with me, and if you have any questions, please let me know!

You may find the template (Image A) below helpful for visualizing the steps in one place. 

Happy Stamping and thanks for stopping by!  Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.  Be sure to click on "follow" my blog to be aware of new posts!

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